High quality and fine craftsmanship in custom made jewelry yet offers a very affordable price.

The pieces are carefully designed to suit a client’s style and preferences. They can be customized and tailored according to a specific budget. Today, the name Meicel has quickly become one of the few jewelry lines with instant recognition and has made the owner a seasoned professional in the jewelry industry for the past 18 years.

In 2005, MeicelJewelry came out with their first Bridal Jewelry Collection. These pieces were presented to the public in a bridal exhibit held at Megatrade Hall. Following endless demands for wedding and engagement rings, the shop has been participating annually in numerous exhibits held at the PICC, NBC Tent, Esplanade, SM Megatradehall in Megamall, SMX Convention Center, and Rockwell

Meicel's fascination with jewelries inspired her to start her business in 1996. She started to venture by selling jewelries to her relatives and friends.

Platinum is one of the densest and heaviest metals, highly malleable, flexible, soft and ductile. It is a rare, scarce and costly metal and it shows certain properties which make it unique. It is extremely resistant to oxidation and to corrosion ofhigh temperatures or chemical elements. This precious metal is lustrous, hypoallergenic, has silvery-white color and does not tarnish.

Platinum colour, strength, hardness and resistance to tarnish are some of the advantages of this metal in jewelry. It provides a secure setting for diamonds and other gemstones, enhancing their brilliance. Platinum‘s rich, white luster compliments diamonds and other gems while its neutral color enhances a stone’s brilliance and depth.